Taking Liability and risk off you plate helps take the headache and concern most business owners have about protecting their business from uncertainty. Where it is uncertainty of regulation with compliance issues from HR (Department of Labor, ACA, EEOC or IRS) or it is in the area of risk management and safety (OSHA and DOL), Hamilton Edwards is there to bring certainty through a proactive approach.

Certainty comes from knowing the future. Knowing that you have an expert HR and Risk Management team to give you the support, resources and help to protect from unexpected challenges that can impact your business from a very big way. We help protect your business with guidance on legal compliance including areas like Health Care Reform (ACA), and ever changing HR regulations that is very difficult for any business to stay on top of due to time or resources.


We bear full liability for Worker’s Compensation and risk management, safety support, training and claims processing services. This gives you the peace of mind needed to focus on other revenue generating activity that drives results. Here is what you can expect:

  • Create and Maintain a Safe Work Environment
  • Provide Worker's Compensation & Convenient Payments w/Payroll Processing
  • A-Rated Insurance Carriers
  • Experience Loss Control and Claims Specialist
  • Knowledgeable Underwriting

Let our team start the work simplifying your business so that you can get back to do what you do best.

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