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Key Take Aways from B2B Solutions Group Seminar "How to Get a Grip On Your Business" Presented by Neil McLean


Great information received today from Neil McLean, CEO, Sagacious Partners. Business owners and other leaders in management had a chance to get a solid overview of the 6 key areas of The EOS System which is helping small to medium size businesses turn their organization into mega success machines!

The Entrepreneur Operating System has seen "Traction" over the past few years when Gino Wickman came out with his book "Traction" Getting a Grip on Your Business in 2011.  The question was presented to us: "What One Big Thing Do I want to see for my business in the next 5 years"?  Do I have a solid game plan in getting there with a strong certainty?"

Today most companies are faced with these 5 challenges, especially this year with the COVID scare:

  • Control
  • Profit
  • People
  • Hitting the ceiling with production capacity or resources
  • Nothing seems to be working

This is where developing the company Vision is so important as a foundation for everything.

 The six key areas that business must, not should, get a handle on is:

  • Vision - Must be clear and communicated throughout the organization
  • People - Having the "right people" in the "right seats"
  • Data - Must have a scorecard and track weekly
  • Issues - Using IDS method - Identify/Discuss/Solve
  • Process - Core Processes must be placed in all aspects of the business
  • Traction - The Level 10 Meeting and other steps to keep business on track

If you want more information or for us to send you the recording of this event. Please contact us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will be glad to send it to you.  


Neil McLean is CEO of Sagacious Partners. He began his career as a high school football coach and that’s where he discovered his passion for bringing out the best performance in teams. Team building has been a continuous theme for Neil…serving as a U.S. Air Force Officer, as a partner of an internet startup that he grew from 8-45 employees, and again in 2001 when he formed his current company. Neil’s firm is a South Carolina-based executive coaching firm dedicated to helping companies and communities grow. McLean is a Certified EOS® Implementer and in that role has worked with more than 50 CEOs and leadership teams, helping them gain traction and breakthrough results in their businesses.

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