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Pivotal Moment Minute Heading

August 11, 2020

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Impact of Virtual versus in Classroom Learning

Families are slowly getting into the virtual learning routine because of COVID-19 – many are having to face the real dilemma of working OR staying at home with their children. If a parent is working in a business, such as the service industry, many times they have no choice to show up or no longer work. Because of this, the cost to businesses and families is devastating. But some great news is coming out of this craziness!

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 Some Options for Working Parents

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Make An Impact Foundation has recently announced CampEDvantage is coming to the Lake Norman (North Charlotte) area. This is a free resource for children who do not have the required technology or a safe environment to participate in virtual free learning.  Can this open up to other areas of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North and South Carolina?  Employers are already getting involved by supporting and contributing to the CampEDvantage program.  CampEDvantage and Make an Impact Foundation are not the only resources. Here are other homeschooling and childcare programs for those parents who need to work and can get support either as a virtual employee or someone who has to be at the workplace to perform their responsibilities to the business:
  • List of NC homeschool groups
  • NCHE Community

If you are a business owner, you may want to consider heading up a team to help your working parents ease this burden. Flexible work options may make the difference for someone considering leaving the workforce or scaling back to be able to continue in their role.
  • Survey your parent community
  • Redefine work flexibility and company norms
  • Reinvent your budgeting process
  • Lead with transparency and honesty
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