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How Patient Advocacy Services Can Make Your Business More Competitive

When working with your adviser to formulate a benefits plan, your employees’ interests should be paramount in deciding what your plan should include. Benefits plans have the potential to be powerful recruiting and retention tools, and putting forth the extra effort to ensure that your employees are happy with their healthcare coverage can impact your business in multiple ways, including:

  • Retaining your existing top talent
  • Recruiting skilled workers from other companies
  • Increased employee morale
  • Decreased recruiting and training costs
  • Reduced annual premiums

In order to use your plan to give you a competitive edge, you need to go above and beyond what other employers offer and providing your workers with patient advocacy services can make your business a more appealing option for new and existing hires.


A Support System For Patients

Patient advocacy services improve your employees’ healthcare experience by providing them with additional support throughout the healthcare process. Advocates perform a variety of services, which can range from helping patients understand a difficult medical diagnosis to searching for hospitals that offer better treatment options. Patient advocates are there to make sure that your employees are given the best quality care possible, helping them explore all their options and empowering them as patients.

Traditional benefits services aren’t giving employees the healthcare they want and need. Even if your employees have access to all the medical experts they require, the quality of their care may be lacking if they don’t have an advocate to help them get more out of their doctor’s visits. For example, in the fifteen minutes that a primary care physician will generally spend with a patient, they may not be as thorough with their examination or explanations as your employee would like. Most of the time, patients feel pressured into walking out of the doctor’s office having accepted this amount of care, pushing aside any unease or dissatisfaction by telling themselves that their doctor knows best. But a patient advocate will push to ensure that your employee’s PCP runs all the necessary tests and thoroughly answers every question to put your employee’s mind at ease.


Helping Employees Find Their Way

Healthcare is becoming harder to understand. Personal Health Advocates help your employees find their way through insurance and healthcare systems by Advocates researching treatments, resolving claims, and providing medical explanations so your employees can make more informed decisions. They can also locate doctors, specialists, hospitals, dentists, and pharmacies.

Here are some other duties that advocates can perform:

  • Untangle and negotiate medical bills and insurance claims
  • Clarify benefits
  • Answer questions about tests, treatments and medications
  • Coordinate care among multiple providers
  • Assist with eldercare and related healthcare issues
  • Arrange second opinions
  • Transfer medical records
  • Negotiate payment arrangements with providers and find options for non-covered services
  • Provide information about generic drug options


Better Technology, Better Service Through Telemedicine

Some components of patient advocacy services can even directly help your workers cut costs. Telemedicine services are one way that modern technology is improving the healthcare experience for both employees and employers. For example, our firm offers online services that can connect patients with healthcare professionals.

Some of the positive effects of telemedicine services include:

  • Reduced time and expense of seeing a doctor at their office, urgent care, or emergency room
  • Faster deliverance of diagnoses and treatment recommendations
  • Faster retrieval of prescription medication from the pharmacy
  • 24/7 access to medical experts 365 days a year
  • Reduced healthcare costs for both you and your employees

Telemedicine services are a perfect example of how improving benefits for your employees doesn’t have to mean paying more for your plan: your employees win when they don’t have to leave the house while they’re sick (and pay nothing for over-the-phone medical consultations), and you win by not having to pay for all the costs associated with an in-person doctor’s visit.

Developing a benefits plan that includes patient advocacy services is an easy way to increase your employees’ satisfaction with their healthcare. When your employees feel assured that their medical needs are being taken care of, they’re more likely to stay with your company and contribute to a healthy, positive working environment. The fact that patient advocacy services can also save you money on your plan leaves little reason to not include them in your benefits package.

Contact us to find out more about providing your employees with patient advocacy services.

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