Our ongoing commitment to serving Businesses is what sets our services apart from the competition. That commitment includes:

  • A long-term, value-oriented approach.  Hamilton Edwards partnership is with a company that has 35 years of experience in flex benefit services.  With annual revenues of over 50 million dollars you can be assured that they are financially sound.  You can be assured that these services are being provided with the utmost concern for the employer and their employees.
  • A commitment to low operating expenses.  Our partnership has the same commitment as Hamilton Edwards, keep fees low and make services affordable for employers excluded by other administrators.
  • Customer service excellence. Offering a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the industry with certified and experienced representatives who put the client’s needs first.
  • An endorsement of technology. Internet and mobile technologies are integral to the unrivaled accessibility and speed with these services, supporting the ease-of-use that employers and their employees depend on.


  • Pre-tax deductions from employees on qualified medical premiums that the employee pays for including dental and vision.
  • Healthcare FSA - Medical reimbursable expenses that are paid out of pocket, not covered under insurance. 
  • Dependent FSA - Child and senior Adult Care reimbursement
  • Employer controlled dollars that are only released for payment when claims are made by the employee.  Employer dictates the gaps of coverage within the group plan that the company pays.
  • Set dollars put into a tax free savings account provided by the employer or employee to cover "qualified medical expenses" not covered in a qualified health plan


  • Any qualified medical expenses including dental and vision
  • Employer can allow FSA to be set up for employee to reimburse up to $2600 per year tax-free.  EMployer gains tax advantage also.
  • Employer can allow role over up to $500 for 2 months after the plan year for employer to file claims
  • There is a "Use it or Lose it" provision clause in plan


  • Can be used for expenses for:
    • Dependent 13 years or younger
    • A spouse or another adult dependent who is unable to work and care for him or herself whom you claim dependent exemption on taxes
  • Claims can be made on adult or child day care, after school care and other.
  • Claims up to $5000 can be filed each year (Married filing jointly and single)


  • Money (contribution) can be put into an employee's account up to:
    • Self Only:  $3500
    • Family:  $7000 with $1000 (over 55 catch up).  2019 Rates by both the employer or employee
  • Contributions go into account tax-free
  • Interest accrued tax-free
  • Money is removed is tax-free as long as it goes towards medical expenses
  • Employers are now setting up benefit (group health) plan structure to have HSA's as a base plan.  Set dollar amount each month goes to plan for those who chose HSA option.  Mot employees see as a win-win
  • By helping employee become a healthy and involved consumer, the buy-in starts moving claims cost down ad either slows, stops or reverses renewals.


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