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Tired of fighting through the bureaucracy and company politics, in 2002, Tom Hamilton knew there had to be a better way to help businesses solve their employee administrative headaches along with the rising cost of health benefits.   Working for the top Professional Employee Organization (PEO) in the country in 2002, Tom was frustrated with the lack of flexibility and the controls that were placed on the client.   Cost of services had skyrocketed making it difficult to feel good about what they were doing as a company.

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric once told the stockholders, “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near”.    Seeing that the services provided were “all or nothing” and they could be offered on a more cost effective al la cart way Tom pursued a new path in greater customer care.   No more “Status Quo”.  No more dealing with “Indifference”.  No more hearing the word “No” when it came to doing what was right for the client.

As Richard Buckminster Fuller once said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a model that makes the existing model obsolete.”   This is what Tom set out to do.

Working with health and commercial lines brokers, Tom used Consumer Directed Healthcare as a platform for HRAs/FSAs, along with worksite benefits.   These comprehensive measures to help keep premium cost down would last for only a short while as a solution.

When the cost of premiums skyrocketed, Tom knew the solution had to be more than just increase deductible, copays or reduce coverage to keep cost down.   Small to medium sized businesses struggled to compete with larger companies for labor when the benefit offerings were much better.

There had to be a more cost-effective way for smaller businesses to offer health benefits and compete with the giants.  After searching, meetings and discussions Tom found what he was looking for in a solution, defined contribution, for health benefits.  The program allowed companies to offer set dollars to their employees tax free to purchase their own personal insurance at significantly less cost through the marketplace.  Tom developed a “private exchange” platform that allowed benefits to flow through a single source using defined dollars.  Finally, small to medium sized businesses were able to offer choice, flexibility and most of all tremendous savings to them and their employees! 

One of the biggest successes was with a local municipality cutting their insurance costs from $2.2 million to    $700,000 for their 130 employees.  Employees were able to choose the type of plan, the carrier and even the flex offerings available.  Nothing had ever been done like this before. 

With the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in 2014 bureaucracy and politics had come full circle.   Hamilton Edwards had already been fighting the “Goliaths” of insurance carriers and health brokers getting push back on what they were doing, now the IRS and Health and Human Services made defined contribution non-compliant with ACA.

Tom knew businesses needed a new solution.  Then came “Level-Funded” plans for small to medium sized businesses.  Introduced in 2014, Tom again entered uncharted territory.   They are a form of self-funded without the liability or significant risk by the employer and offer more flexibility and better opportunity to control cost than expensive fully insured plans.

Today, Hamilton Edwards continues to evolve, improve and develop new healthcare services, products and solutions for small to medium businesses.  Their “Next Generation” benefits and services include revolutionary “Healthcare Value Chain Management” solutions structured to improve outcomes and reduce cost.

Hamilton Edwards provides complete employee administrative services that go beyond what Professional Employer Organizations can provide in service and cost.

If you are ready and interested in getting away from the “Status Quo” broker and insurance providers, contact us now.


Since 2004 Hamilton Edwards has believed in a strong HR and Benefit strategy to help clients run a more successful business. Whether we provide group health benefits separate from the employee admin services or all together, by removing the barriers in employee administration such as recruiting and retention challenges, the crushing weight of government regulation, rising workers compensation and group health cost, the employer can get back to focusing on their core competency. We do this through our experienced and knowledgeable specialist that work with our clients every step of the way.   Our goal is to simplify and bring value in employee administrative services along with group health and other benefits. This can be provided as a complete turn key solution in payroll, HR, risk management and benefit administration or as single point HR solution.


Strategic Partnerships are critical for any organization to bring the best in class services and support.  With our structure, and simplified process along with flexibility, we can work with a business’s Trusted Advisor from the various industries. Our program alloys for solid integration among many industries, especially in the benefits and works comp areas.

Since 2004, Hamilton Edwards, starting out as Carolina Benefit Designs, Inc, has focused on providing superior services and products to the health benefits broker and the commercial lines agency, "who is the trusted advisors to employers."

Today, with the expansion of the role of the Trusted Advisor along with what is expected from them today these services are no longer just benefits communication, enrollment and administration. Hamilton Edwards works with the advisor to provide them with the support they need, bringing resources to their clients that makes the advisor a hero!


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